Kezia Sardina Illustration

Fantasy Illustrations brought to life.

Repo the Genetic Opera poster for class!
Commission for Rabies of Boogidty and Rainbow. 
Experimenting a bit with red and snow in a more graphic look

Fabulous art my friends were so gracious enough to pose for. My assignment was to design halloween costumes for ladies who’s body types often get missed by party city and I could not be happier with the results! Thanks to Andi, Stephi, Patricia, Jackie, and Jessica!

Been a while since I have drawn Jack, but here she is in all her glory
Another assignment involving costume redesigns. This one was Aladdin as a Sci Fi
A fun Costume redesign assignment. I decided to design Alice in Wonderland as though it were set in India
Another DnD picture, this one for my boyfriend and his Cavalier character Logan J. Daniels
Nat my little slime mage
Some South Park Stick of Truth Fan art for Supercon